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Experience the best of St. Lucia at Fond Doux

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Leave your mark at Fond Doux by planting a tree

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Your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature! - : . Just step out to your cottage for a journey into the land of Birdwatching adventure. Birds of prey that are occasionally seen at Fond Doux include the Hen Harrier, Common Black Hawk, American Kestrel and Merlin. The family of Rallidae’s are small to medium sized birds, including coots, rails and crakes.

Hiking and Walking Trails + Fond Doux Heritage Tour

During our Fond Doux Heritage Tour, one of the Estate Guides will educate you on the history of the property and will walk you through the gardens providing detailed descriptions of the various organic fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices. Watch them bark a cinnamon tree, or break open a cocoa pod –where chocolate comes from! They will take you around on an exciting plantation experience, participate in the cocoa dancing and also hike the scenic Lamontagne trail where you can get magnificent views of the Pitons and lush tropical rainforest foliage.

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Spa Treatments

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Your visit to Fond Doux Plantation will not be complete without enjoying a spa treatment at our Mamma La Terre Spa. Enter the welcoming world of the Mamma La Terre Spa and embark upon a sensual and stimulating Saint Lucian journey. Take some quality time out while on the island to pamper yourself.No matter what array of spa treatments you select, our menu of services has been thoughtfully conceived to ensure that your whole body is treated to sensory delights and therapeutic natural healing. Our staff of professionals loves what they do and look forward to serving you and creating a special, personalized spa experience that will fulfill your every need and want.You will feel the benefits of this journey whether your aim is just to escape into the Fond Doux’s healing treasures, to preserve health and beauty, or attend to minor health treatments.

Cooking Classes

Here is where it starts! Do you like the authentic Saint Lucian cuisine but you’re not very talented at preparing it? Well then Fond Doux is the place for you! Come have your first experience in a Saint Lucian kitchen and learn every secret that goes into each delicious bite. Taking a cooking class is a great way to experience Saint Lucia in a different way, no matter what your reason is for being in Saint Lucia. Food is a large part of the Saint Lucian culture and learning how to prepare different dishes and to understand the preparation is a new found interest some may have for the Saint Lucian Cuisine.

Cocktail Making Class

Why not book a cocktail making class and enjoy an interactive and engaging experience with one of our superb mixologists? You will gain hands-on experience in serving up the most popular cocktails from our menu. Learn the tricks of the popular trade for mixing, shaking and (eventually!) enjoying the sublime cocktails you will create with the guidance of our bar staff.